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About Us//

Over 18 Years
Of Experience

Moving Your Freight

In 2005, CenterLine was born.  Over the past 18 years, CenterLine has grown from a small freight brokerage company to one that is widely recognized and respected nationwide.

Junior (Brad) Trnka has been with CenterLine since the beginning.  He was hired, initially, as dispatcher and moved on to becoming a National Account Executive.  He worked with multi-billion dollar companies to coordinate local, regional, and cross country movement of freight.  So it only made sense that in 2018 when CenterLine's owner decided to retire, Junior was the obvious choice to take over this ever-growing company.  This was the start of his transition from employee to business owner, President, and CEO. 


Junior, CenterLine, and the whole team are dedicated to providing stellar logistics service to the companies we serve.  CFS moves thousands of loads of freight annually, and communication is the cornerstone of what CenterLine is built.  Our customers are treated like family.  You can count on consistent and trustworthy communication with our dispatchers—whether that is during the work week or in the middle of the weekend.  If your freight is moving, we will keep you informed!

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