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Meet Our Team//

The Heart




Junior started with CenterLine Freight Services in 2005.  He worked as the company's main dispatcher until CenterLine's owner decided to retire and offered Junior the opportunity to buy the company.  On June 1st, 2018, Junior became CenterLine's new owner.  

CenterLine Freight Services is truly a family-run business. 


In 2018, Junior's sister, Renee, had just come on board as a Dispatcher a few months before he became owner.  She has been integral in running the business and helped make Junior's transition from Dispatcher to Owner much smoother.  She is often the first voice you'll hear when you call, and if you need a quote, she's ready!


In 2021, Junior's then girlfriend Dana joined the team part-time.  She learned the ropes in Account Receivables and Payables as well as any necessary Human Resources duties.  In late 2022, she joined the team full-time and in 2023 upgraded to Junior's fiancee'!  


January 2022 brought the addition of Chris, Renee's husband, to the Dispatching Team!  He enjoys making the connection between Customers and Carriers.  He is invaluable when it comes to finding what our Customers need and finding the right Carrier to do the job!

And just recently, July 2023, we added Annette to our Dispatching team.  Annette is Chris's sister, further strengthening our company as family.  She will be learning the ropes with Renee and Chris, and we look forward to watching her excel!

We'll care for you like family!
Parallel Lines
Testimonials //
  • "I wanted to say thank you regarding the delivery of the (4) 6000# Perma Tanks today and you choosing Centerline as the freight company. The driver and Dispatch team went above and beyond making sure they hit our expectations. They communicated the best out of any shipment we have received and stayed ahead of schedule the entire time calling at the completion of every stop. They thought it would take 2 days to delivery yet finished all deliveries in 1 day.  Bottom line great choice in Centerline! Hopefully they work on our next 2 orders for Perma's coming up.  Thanks."

Shaun A.


  • "I appreciate that you take the time to work up quotes so quickly!"

Michelle D


  • "Jr. and crew...I just want to say Thank You for coordinating and jumping through hoops getting all the deliveries to us in such a short notice. It makes tough projects like this tolerable when we get to work such professional and competent people like the Center Line Crew!"

Ron P.

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